About Us

Hyper Modern Consulting is the result of one person spending far too much time focused on entrepreneurship and creativity. That person is our principal, Thursday Bram.

Thursday grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and couldn’t quite understand why everyone seemed to expect her to get a job after college. But she also wanted to go beyond the standard options for entrepreneurs: she wanted to build a business on her writing. That business eventually developed into Hyper Modern Writing. To get there, though, she had to build many of the business resources she needed from scratch. There just aren’t as many great business guides geared towards creatives as there should be.

In making these resources and her expertise available, Thursday has built up Hyper Modern Consulting into a reliable source of information and help for creative entrepreneurs. Our clients range from artists to coders to writers. We’ve taken on a variety of projects, from assisting with product development to finding ways to monetize amazing projects that are already off the ground. We’re ready to work with you on any creative question you have.

But why should you take our word for it? We’re happy to let other people speak for us:

“Thursday is meticulously organized, detail oriented and absolutely a freelance expert. Not only does Thursday have an excellent track record as a writer, Thursday understands the business side of things as well. Thursday is also an excellent teacher – both to her audience via her blog, as well as through the many premium guides she has released. Her workbooks break difficult tasks down into simple, easy to execute instructions so freelancers and business owners can apply her expertise and get measurable results in growing their client base and their bottom line.” — Sid Savara”

““Thursday has a remarkable ability to synthesize the information she gathers from interviews, studies, and other sources into readable, informative, and enjoyable content. That, together with her own expertise which runs both broad and deep, allows her to successfully cover a wide variety of topics.” — Kate Lister

Hyper Modern Consulting is a part of Hyper Modern LLC, a Maryland-based corporation.