Consulting Packages

You’re likely a creative entrepreneur with specific questions about how to build your business. You may not need someone to do all the work for you — you just need the resources to do show you have to get things done. That’s why we focus on offering consulting services, along with a knowledge base that will help you get the in-depth information you need.

Our Consulting Philosophy

We believe that you’re intelligent and have expertise in your own area. You can pick up the nuts and bolts of how to do a lot of the technical work necessary to build a business. The hard part is customizing broad information into something that makes it clear what your specific next step is. So, rather than go over and over those details with you, we’ve written them down as resources that are easy to follow. During our actual consulting sessions, we talk about the specifics of your situation and the higher level strategies you need to plan out before you can implement something like a product development strategy.

We also believe that you shouldn’t have to take copious notes during a consulting session. You need to focus on the strategies we’re discussing, not writing everything down. That’s why we record every call and provide you with a transcript.

The Knowledge Base

As part of every consulting package we offer, you’ll receive access to the Hyper Modern Consulting Knowledge Base. It’s full of checklists, background information and other resources for creative entrepreneurs. You do not have to pay a subscription fee to continue to access the Knowledge Base — we think that you’ll find it incredibly valuable long into the future and we want you to have access.

Before You Buy

We want to make sure that you’re as pleased as punch when you go through our consulting program. To make sure that you know you’re getting exactly what you need, here are a few things that you need to know:

We’re on East Coast time: We try to be as flexible as possible on time, but our principal, Thursday Bram, just doesn’t give the best advice when she’s off her normal sleep schedule. Unless specifically arranged, we are only able to offer consulting slots between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m, Eastern.

All consulting sessions are held via Skype: Because we record calls for you, we need to hold our sessions via Skype. Please let us know if you have any problems with Skype and we’ll help you troubleshoot your set up.

Because of the nature of business, we cannot offer specific guarantees for our services: However, you do have Thursday’s personal promise that she will do her utmost to make your business successful.

Hyper Modern Consulting does not offer accounting, tax or legal advice: We will happily give you the names of the professionals who advise us, but be aware that as an entrepreneur, you’re going to need that kind of help.

What You Get

When you buy one of our consulting packages, you get more than just a chance to talk. You get the following:

  • A one hour consulting session
  • A recording of your session
  • A transcript of your session
  • Unlimited access to the Hyper Modern Consulting Knowledge Base

A consulting session is $395. We are also able offer packs of sessions at a better rate, if you’re interested in scheduling multiple sessions at once. Five sessions are available for $855 and ten sessions are available for $1,430.

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